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Here is what current F1TENTH users say:

I took F 1/10th Autonomous Robots course at UT Austin and I would highly recommend taking this course for anyone who wants to foray into the field of autonomous vehicles. This course was successful in covering all the basics for estimation, mapping, and obstacle avoidance. Deploying these algorithms on actual cars is also fun with a great learning curve and is something every roboticist should experience.

I took the F1Tenth autonomous racing course during my masters at UPenn and it was no doubt one of the best courses there. It was a very hands-on course and I got to implement various motion planning, perception, and control algorithms on the F1/10 car. Understanding the theory, coding up the algorithms, and debugging issues that arose during hardware implementation taught me invaluable lessons and made me ready for the challenges that I would face in real-world scenarios. This experience solidified my decision to delve deeper into the field and pursue a Ph.D. in Autonomous Systems at Washington University at St. Louis.

F1/10th was by far the most fun class I’ve taken at Penn! It was very rewarding, and the combination of labs and racing made the course super exciting. I learned a lot about general control algorithms, as well as specific and practical aspects of self driving vehicles. The freedom granted in the final project really let everyone explore their own unique ideas, and it was inspiring seeing my classmates try all sorts of applications. 10/10 would recommend!