Once you have the components, the car takes less than 1 hour to assemble. Documentation for version 1 is still available below! We plan to continue updating the documentation for version 2, and feedback regarding the design is encouraged on the message boards.

Chassis Preparation


Reference Manual

This documentation includes detailed instructions on soldering the V2 powerboard.
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Code and documentation available on Github

Once you have the components, the car takes about 3 hours to assemble. Our simple IKEA-style documentation will walk you through each step.

Assembly-Lower Chassis Plate

Assembly-Upper Chassis Plate

Build Documentation

This documentation assumes that you have the Teensy Board and the assembled chassis.
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Platform Availability and replacement

At F1tenth, we are aware that the recommended 1/10 scale RC racecar model is currently out of stock on the vendor’s website (as of 28 Feb 2017). Therefore we have compiled a list of alternative 1/10 scale racecar models that are still available.
These platforms are similar to the original recommended car except two key differences:
(1) Some of them are 2 wheel drive (2WD) instead of 4WD - This should not affect the build or the code in any manner.
(2) Although still 1/10 the scale the alternate models might have a slightly longer wheelbase than the original RC model. - This will affect the mounting of the laser cut sensor mounting chassis to the base of the car. Please see the chassis mounting guideline below.

Chassis mounting guideline for longer wheelbase models

As can be seen above, the laser cut design in the build is compatible with a base RC model which has a wheelbase of 324mm. The wheelbase is the distance between the mounting points on the chassis. In some of the alternate 1/10 models the wheelbase may be slightly longer (e.g. 335mm). This will require you to modify the laser cut chassis by drilling two holes based on the wheelbase of your platform. The chassis design is 361mm long so there is significant room for using the same sensor mounting design for longer wheelbase models. We will release the drawing files for the modified chassis soon.
Limited stock of the original model might still be available on eBay, however, we do not list those links here. Here is a list of alternate RC platforms (available as of late Feb 2017) which are compatible with the F1/10 build.

Teensy circuit diagram:

Assumes that you have the Teensy Board and the assembled chassis.
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