Lecture 1 completed


The point of this first lab is to make sure you have setup your car correctly to the point where you can send it commands manually from your keyboard, and it will execute them. This will show you that the car runs (always a good thing) and that the wireless network for communicating with the car is correctly setup.

In addition to it being a basic check, keyboard controls will allow you to drive the car around and collect data through the sensors in Week 2. Once this data is acquired, you can test your perception and control algorithms on this data first, before deploying them on the car.

Extra Credit

Add a piece of code that will run on the car, and checks regularly for the state of the network. If the network’s status is poor (i.e. bad connection) then it issues a STOP command. At this point you haven’t yet learned how to add your own code to the Jetson and so your code won’t run on the car itself. But you will next week, and this is something you can develop and run on your own computer.

Video Tutorial

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